Cowhands plane apparently has mechanical issues, leaving group stranded at Eagles arena for a considerable length of time

The Cowboys’ excursion to Philadelphia has authoritatively transformed into a complete bad dream. In the wake of losing to the Eagles 17-9 on Sunday, the Cowboys were presumably wanting to escape Philly as quickly as time permits, however that didn’t occur, on the grounds that the group wound up stranded at Lincoln Financial Field.

As indicated by, the sanction flight that should return the Cowboys to Dallas was postponed because of mechanical issues. As indicated by, the group at that point attempted to get another plane to take them home. To exacerbate the situation, the new plane was required to be littler than the first plane, which implies the group needed to solicit a few individuals from the making a trip part to remain in Philadelphia and take a later flight.

The Cowboys plane is contracted by American Airlines, and despite the fact that the organization had the option to rapidly discover a substitution plane, it couldn’t quickly take off, on the grounds that the carrier ran into another issue. As indicated by, there weren’t any pilots presently accessible to fly the new plane. MMQB additionally included that AA had a plane with pilots at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, yet in the event that the Cowboys hung tight for that plane, it would take at any rate one more hour before it got to Philadelphia.

The game between the Cowboys and Eagles finished soon after 7 p.m. ET and as of 10:30 p.m. ET, the Cowboys voyaging party still hadn’t left the Lincoln Financial Field, since they had no spot to go, which means they’d been lounging around failing to help about three hours. In the event that Jason Garrett’s shrewd, they will start game-anticipating one week from now’s down against the Redskins since the Cowboys can in any case get in the end of the season games in the event that they win and the Eagles lose to the Giants.

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